Saturday, December 20, 2008

Music Lover

I am a music lover at heart. I actually like a wide range of music. Sometimes I do not like a particular style of music all that much, but I might like an individual song. One day I make like listening to Beethoven and then later I might listen to a song from Metallica called Sandman (interesting enough they did a couple songs with a full orchestra supporting them live on TV). My current favorite music falls in the categories of trance and techno. The trance music I like is most often characterized as vocal uplifting trance which often has strong melodic vocals to support the music. Interesting enough, there is a relationship between some trance music and classical music (

Today on CBC radio, I heard this newish artist. Theresa Andersson. She sings a dance soul style. She reminds me a little of Katie Tunstall.

Check out her video on YouTube.

Here is her website.

Also she will be on TV in February.

Feb 4 2009 10:00PM
Late Night With Conan O’Brien New York, New York