Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pinky and the Brain

Brain's plan for the taking over the world today. How can I apply this in my life to make it better? This is the question we should all be asking ourselves.

"I believe I have conceived my most brilliant plan to date. I shall use subliminal mind control to take over the world...a subliminal message a recorded message perceived only by the subconscious human mind. I have recorded such a message. [Tape playing] 'Citizens of the world, you are under my control. You will do whatever I say.'...If people heard this message enough times, they would succumb to my control and we could take over the world...The only problem, how to get this message repeated, worldwide air play..." "I will go to Nashville and become the biggest country music star of all time. Everyone will hear my record and my subliminal message, and I will take over the world!"