Friday, May 11, 2007

Mystery Message






Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bit of Family History

I had an opportunity to learn more about my family. My mother grew up originally on a dairy farm. They had their own milk truck with the family name on the side and even their own bottle top with the family name. I think it is remarkable when you learn such interesting facts about family history. It helps to realize how our parents and grandparents are not just people we knew, but members of a community. They touch the lives of those around them.
My grandpa on my mom's side was always known to be a good man. He was a good worker and started as a lumberjack at 16. He was kind and helpful to those around him. He liked to slip money to us grandkids so we buy things. He even helped me get my first electronic football game.
I am grateful for family. I am especially grateful for grandparents for they went before us paving the way through life, making our lives easier in many ways.