Thursday, February 7, 2008

Interesting stuff

If you ever really wondered how to do somethings you have never done, haven't done right, or just want to learn for whatever reason.

Pick Your Nose

Flatten Your Stomach

Shop for Your Wife Online (buying presents for her that is)

How to Teach Your Wife About Football

Krump Dancing

Monday, February 4, 2008

Back Again- Norway

I am back again. Not much to say, but I thought I would put in an entry to my blog.

Sometimes music helps you get through life.

Here are some bands from Norway and their songs to check out. You may be familiar with the first on the list.

A-HA- "Take on me" "Living a Boys Adventure Tale" "The Sun Always Shines on TV"

Kings of Convenience- "I'd Rather Dance" "Misread"

R√łyksopp- "Remind me" "What Else Is There?"

Of course, my Sundquist family line comes from Sweden and Sweden is right next door to Norway!

Did I mention my best friend growing up went to Denmark on his mission, which is just south of Norway?

Norge rules!